Welcome to the Site

This is a website dedicated to my fiction. I’ve been writing for years and I’m still trying to carve my way into being a full time writer. I began with a focus on short fiction and all of my publication history can be found in the bibliography section. It details every work I’ve had published since I first started sending my material out back in 2005. I’ve also included several sample short stories in the writing samples section. All of them have been previously published.

Right now my main focus is on novel work. All of the longer work I’ve engaged in has been based around series rather than a single novel. The three primary series I’ve been working on can be found on this site along with some supplemental material. Generally I try to flesh out the worlds as much as I can and I’ve included the material I’ve written and created, such as fictional works by the characters and maps of important locations.

I try to keep the site updated with additions to the series section as I create more work, but sometimes it can be a little while between updates. If anyone ever has a question about any of my work or wishes to get in touch with me they are more than welcome. My email address can be found in the bibliography section. Enjoy the site.