Currently under the tentative name of Darkrune, this is a series of high fantasy novels. Initially it will be a trilogy that sets up the world as a whole and establishes the characters, races, cultures, and societies in conflict. At the moment it follows more of a traditional fantasy outline, but as I develop the series further, I’m slowly moving away from many of the more common elements of fantasy.

Currently the first draft of the first book in the series is complete and I’m in the process of editing and cleaning it up. I suspect it will be awhile before it’s ready to try sending out for possible publishing.

Most of the supplemental work for the series included below deals with various maps I’ve been creating in order to flesh out the world and get a mental image of what it looks like. I’m pretty new to map-making and have been using this series as a testing ground to get more experience. More maps will be added as I continue to expand the world.

Vriden Stav Lower Island

A map of the lower island of Vridan Stav within the Yogun Nor where the group first lands.


Vriden Stav Main Island

A map of the main island in Vriden Stav.



A sample chapter from the book Darkrune.