Twin Worlds

Twin Worlds is the tentative name of a fantasy series that I’m currently working on. The first book details the events within a mountain kingdom called Delabroth. The land is in a state of peace and ruled by people known as the Life-bringers, who have studied a rare craft that allows them to heal almost any wound. They’ve used their magic to help with the farmland and grow massive harvests. However, a plague begins to slowly seep through the land, killing children in the womb, and leaving their bodies cold and long dead. A man named Doran Tanche grows to believe the Life-bringers are the cause of this plague. He encourages a town to rebel, but in the end, the people are slaughtered, and their message hidden, with Doran as the only survivor.

Years later unrest grows throughout the kingdom. Within a large expanse of rotting land nicknamed the Garden creatures of dirt and rock called the Skelbred were imprisoned years ago by the Life-bringers. A large crack is found in the wall surrounding the Garden and the creatures begin to roam free while displaying an intellect none have ever witnessed before.

A General in the Delabroth army named Varen Lorad is approached and told the Skelbred are not his real enemy and that the Life-bringers will cause the nation to fall. When Varen and Doran’s paths cross they connect the rise of the Skelbred to the unborn plague. They ally in hopes of finding out the truth to the Life-bringers and the mysterious, violent Skelbred. Doran hopes to spare the people any harm. Varen, however, sees a chance to claim the leadership he’s always wanted, leaving Doran uncertain as to whether or not Varen is truly the man he thinks he is.

The Fortress Ashden and the village of Beloph

A map showing the area around Doran's current home and Varen's Fortress of Ashden.