The Fortis Hastatus Character Bios

Taken from the evaluative files of Nuntias Irvin.


Name: Nes Patricia Holmgren
Height: 5’6
Weight: 125 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Physical Age: 17 years
Real Age: 17 years
Unit: Fortis Hastatus
Status: Trainee


Notes: All initial evaluations remain positive; however, data is too limited to properly assess risks associated with Nes so far. Given the difficulties noted in her background, the upper limits of her abilities, and her youth and inexperience, a close eye must be kept on the situation to ensure there are no complications. It is advised that all public knowledge concerning her is kept tightly restricted until enough time has passed to gather the needed information to conduct a more thorough psychological overview.



Name: Rikter Sonorib
Height: 6’3
Weight: 220 pounds
Eyes: Black
Hair: Blond (shaved)
Physical Age: 27 years
Real Age: 144 years
Unit: Fortis Hastatus
Status: Active member


Notes: Rikter has proven himself through years of dedication and advancement through the ranks of the normal army divisions before advancing into the current Fortis Hastatus unit. His dedication and respect for the chain of command has remained impeccable during his lengthy career. However, recent reports have shown a small but noticeable drop in quality once Rikter was admitted into the Fortis unit, suggesting the increased importance of his position has led to a reduced willingness to adhere to standard procedures. An eye will be kept on the situation to ensure these traits do not develop further.



Name: Sam (last name unknown)
Height: 5’9
Weight: 170 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Physical Age: 19 years
Real Age: 81 years
Unit: Fortis Hastatus
Status: Active member


Notes: As the first Fortis Hastatus member recruited from outside the existing army, it is still inconclusive as to whether or not his induction into the unit can be considered a success. Though his success rate on his missions is well above the desired rate, and he has shown no signs of disloyalty to the Aeolus, his outright refusal to adhere to the chain of command and to strictly follow the orders given to him has caused several minor problems. These negative traits have never led to any unfixable damage; still, the risk inherent in these behaviors is obvious, especially given the extreme importance placed on the Fortis unit. No corrective action has so far been successful in curbing these tendencies. Additional review is needed.



Name: Nasha Terminatio
Height: 5’8
Weight: 140 pounds
Eyes: Green
Hair: Greenish Brown
Physical Age: 24 years
Real Age: Unknown
Unit: Fortis Hastatus
Status: Active member


Notes: No other member of the unit can match Nasha’s commitment or dedication to the Aeolus. Were it not for her background, she would’ve excelled far beyond her current position. However, any attempt to rise into a position of command has been met with resistance due to her Sentrilian background. Yet, given her skill on the battlefield, it might be for the best to keep her in the field. Of all members of the Fortis Hastatus, Nasha is still, at least internally, the model of success and the desired template for all future members.



Name: William Barden
Height: 6’1
Weight: 200 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray
Physical Age: 41 years
Real Age: Unknown
Unit: Fortis Hastatus
Status: Unit Leader


Notes: There has never been a member of the military that has managed to gain such a level of respect and devotion from the public as William. Though he’s been careful to keep his public confrontations with some of the more pragmatic military strategies to a minimum, he’s been outspoken enough to lead many to view him as a guardian of the public, rather than a soldier within the army. This has certainly given him a large degree of discretion in regards to running his unit, and has ensured his command will not be taken away from him unless a very visible offense is committed, but the situation is not sustainable. It would not be practical at this time to consider reducing William’s authority; this does not mean the option isn’t being developed to curb the worst of William’s tendencies.



Name: Darrien Cothern
Height: 5’8
Weight: 180 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Physical Age: 37 years
Real Age: 217 years
Department: Division 2
Controls: Fortis Hastatus


Notes: Though there have been murmurings—especially given some of William’s more visible refusals to obey the chain of command—to remove Darrien from his position as overseer of the Fortis Hastatus unit, it is not advised at this time. No matter what troubles he might have in reigning in his unit, few can match Darrien’s ability to foresee troubles and head them off before they’re able to cause any real damage. Furthermore, Darrien’s rapport with William is likely the only thing preventing William from more openly challenging his military leaders when he disagrees with their decisions. Until a time can be reached to find a sustainable leader to replace William, Darrien is vital to keeping the Fortis Hastatus unit on track.